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Google Advertising Campaign

Currently, Google Ads is the most popular PPC Advertising Network in the world. This makes sense as there are nearly four billion Google users worldwide.

Advertisers actually bid on keywords for clicks that will take users to their websites. So, they’re bidding on keywords or bidding on audiences. However, the advertisers only pay when someone clicks on their advertisement.


How to Make Great Google Advertising

The only way you will truly know if your PPC ads are working is by constantly testing and optimizing them. If you own a big company that has million-dollar yearly budgets, you’ll want to use PPC campaigns every day to drive your sales and lead to their optimum revenue.

Process Overview


Google Ads are a lead-generation machine. Your ads show up for a specific group of keywords, so you only pay for clicks from visitors who are actively searching for you. 


A well-designed PPC campaign gets you more than just a short-lived traffic boost: It brings lasting results for your business. Your goals are taken into close consideration when formulating your campaign, so we can grasp what success looks like to you in the long-term.


We know money matters. That’s why we provide extensive ROI conversion tracking to make sure you get real value from your Google Ads campaign. We’re constantly devising new ways to tempt customers into not just clicking, but converting. 

What to Expect

The top 3 spots get 40% of the clicks on the page. Reserve one for your business. AdWords Management encompasses a set of various activities related to managing your Google AdWords account in an effort to create, plan and monitor search campaigns. 


Keyword research, analysis and organization


Planning the campaign and determining effective ad groups


Planning the budget to be distributed through AdWords bidding


Creating and optimizing ad text


Analyzing and monitoring the campaign


Our team utilize their creativity and combine it with strategic planning, all in effort to deliver results that will rank your products or services higher in search, no matter how harsh the competition might be.

Our Hong Kong PPC team is known for its extensive experience and has already delivered thousands of search campaigns successfully. Elevate Digital will be at your disposal to help you plan and distribute your budget the best possible way – with us, you won’t waste another minute or cent on keywords that don’t bring any fruitful results.

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