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Disaster Recovery (DR) Plan

Develop a disaster recovery plan that boosts your cyber resilience and recovery capability. Planning for potential business continuity incidents and cyber attacks can minimize downtime and achieve sustainable improvements in your business continuityIT disaster recovery, corporate crisis management capabilities and regulatory compliance.

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How does a disaster recovery (DR) plan work?

A disaster recovery (DR) plan is a formal document created by an organization that contains detailed instructions on how to respond to unplanned incidents such as natural disasters, power outages, cyber attacks and any other disruptive events. The plan contains strategies on minimizing the effects of a disaster, so an organization will continue to operate – or quickly resume key operations.

Major goals

The first step is to broadly outline the major goals of a disaster recovery plan.


Record your data processing personnel. Include a copy of the organization chart with your plan.

Recovery from IT outages

Disaster Recovery as a Service continually replicates critical applications, infrastructure, data and systems to the cloud

DR Plan

Streamlined, speedy recovery

Offers a reliable disaster recovery orchestration with automation and quick provisioning in a software-defined recovery environment that helps reduce errors, risks, and resources for testing and documentation.

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Optimized resiliency

Provides optimized resiliency and a risk-based approach to protecting critical IT services. 

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Improve your ability to respond and recover from disruptive events

We can help to identify and address resiliency synchronization between business processes, applications and IT infrastructure. We provide flexible business continuity and disaster recovery consulting to address your specific needs, including assessments, planning and design, implementation, testing and full resiliency program management.


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80% of executives fully expect that their disaster recovery plans can run their business in the aftermath of a disruption, but only 22% include all mission-critical applications in their DR program.